Evaluation Level

What questions are addressed?

How will information be gathered?

What is measured or assessed?

How will the information be used?

1. Participant's reactions

1.Did they like it?
2.Was their time well spent?
3.Did the material make sense?
4.Will it be useful?
5.Was the leader knowledgeable and helpful?
6.Were the refreshments fresh and tasty?
7. Was the room the right temperature?
8.Were the chairs comfortable?

Questionnaires gathered at end of session

Initial satisfaction with the experience

To improve programme design and delivery

2. Participant's learning

Did participants acquire the intended knowledge and skills?

Paper and pencil instruments
Participant reflections (oral and written)
Participant portfolios

New knowledge and skills of participants

To improve programme content, format,and organisation

3. Organisation support & change

What was the impact on the organization?
Did it affect organizational climate and procedures?
Was implementation advocated, facilitated and supported?
Was the support public and overt?
Were the problems addressed quickly and efficiently?
Were sufficient resources made available?
Were successes recognized and shared?

District and school records
Minutes from follow-up meetings
Structured interviews with participants and district or school administrators
Participant portfolios

The organisation’s advocacy, support, accommodation, facilitation, and recognition

To document and improve organizational support
To inform future change efforts.

4. Participant's use of new knowledge and skills

Did participants effectively apply the new knowledge and skills?

Structured interviews with participants and their supervisors
Participant reflections (oral and /or written)
Participant portfolios
Direct observations
Video and/or audio tapes

Degree and quality of implementation

To document and improve the implementation of the programme

5. Student learning outcomes

What was the impact on students?
Did it effect student performance or achievement?
Did it influence students’ physical or emaotional well-being?
Are students more confident as learners?
Is student attendance improving?
Are dropouts decreasing?

Student records
School records
Structured interviews with students parents teachers and/ or school leaders
Participant portfolios

Student learning outcomes:
-cognitive (performance and achievement)
-affective (attitudes and dispositions)
-psychomotor (skills and behaviours)

To focus and improve all aspects of programme design, implementation and follow-up
To demonstrate the overall impact of professional development

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