Using Web 2.0 tools

This page will help you to use any web 2.0 tools integrated into this module. If you still need further assistance, phone Suzie Vesper on 021337430 or email her at

Using Wikispaces

Registering on Wikispaces as an educator (currently free)

These instructions are for registering for an educator account.

1. Go to the WikiSpaces For Teachers site

2. Fill in the form shown below. Your username is the name that people will see appended to your comments etc. If you do not wish to make a wiki immediately then you can click on the No button for Q4.
wikispaces login form

Using your Wikispace

If you would like to view tutorials with further information about using Wikispaces then follow the links below.

Personalise your wiki
Adding files and pictures
Notifications and RSS
Personal Account Settings

Using Voicethread

Registering for Voicethread

These instructions are for registering for a basic account which will allow you to leave comments on Voicethreads. Should you be interested in using Voicethread within your own schools or clusters. I would recommend setting up an 'Educator' account which allows you to create a number of Voicethreads. Instructions for setting up an Voicethread Educator account can be found at the bottom of this page.

1. Go to the Voicethread website at Click on 'Sign in or Register' above the Voicethread title.
external image 00000008.png

2. Click on the link at the bottom of the pop-up screen that says 'Register'.
external image 00000009.png

3. For a basic account that allows you to add to Voicethread discussions, you can then just fill in the fields and click on 'Register'.
external image 00000016.png

You will then have an account that you can sign in with to leave comments on Voicethreads.

Adding to a Voicethread discussion

Make sure you are signed in to your Voicethread account using the email address and password you chose when you set up your Voicethread account. You can do this by logging in to your account at or by clicking the 'Sign in' option in the bottom corner of the Voicethread you want to add your comments to.
external image 00000017.png

You do not need to create a Voicethread at any time within this module. You just need to add to the existing Voicethreads. When you are signed in, you will see an image appear in the bottom left hand corner that represents you - in the image below I have a photo but you will have a symbol. Then click on the 'Comment' option.
external image 00000018.png
You are then given a couple of options for how to comment. You can record an audio comment with the 'Record' button (you will need to have a microphone either attached or built in to your computer), type a comment with the 'type' option or record a video comment (need to have a webcam) using the little video camera button. Don't worry about the phone option or the up arrow - these are less common ways of commenting. Click on your choice of option. I would suggest that the audio comment will be the most common so will be showing how to do this.
external image 00000019.png
When you click on 'record', a pop-up window will appear that asks you to allow Voicethread to use your audio and video on your computer. Click on 'Allow'. Be aware that as soon as you do this, Voicethread will then start recording directly afterwards so be ready with what you want to say.
external image 00000020.png
When you have finished recording your comment, click on 'Stop recording', You will then be able to listen back to the comment you have left. If you are happy with this, click 'Save'. Your comment will now appear around the outside of the Voicethread slide.
external image 00000021.png
external image 00000022.png

At times, there may be more than one slide in a Voicethread. The big arrow at the bottom right of the Voicethread will move you to the next slide. You can click on the little squares next to the arrow to see a view of all of the slides to jump to a specific slide.

Creating an Educator Voicethread account

1. Go to the Voicethread website at Click on 'Sign in or Register' above the Voicethread title.
external image 00000008.png

2. Click on the link at the bottom of the pop-up screen that says 'Register'.
external image 00000009.png
3. Click on the 'Educator? Click here' link
external image 00000010.png

4. There are three options then shown for Educator accounts. To get started, click on 'Apply' for the free Educator account.

5. This will then take you to another login or register screen - click on 'Register a new account'
external image 00000012.png

6. Fill in the details on the next screen and then click on the 'Register' button. Remember to keep a record of the email address and password you enter as this is what you use to login to your account.
external image 00000013.png
You will then be asked to supply details about your school - fill these in and then click 'Submit'. If you need to 'fudge' some questions such as Grade because you are a non-teaching principal, then just put down any grade number between 1 - 12. When it asks for school email, it is asking for your own school email address - not the office email address. As soon as you enter all of this information and submit it, your account is instantly active.

Using MindMeister

Registering for MindMeister

There are many different pricing structures on MindMeister, but only one free account. A free account will let you have up to 6 mindmaps of your own, share and collaborate on other peoples mind maps and to download or publish the mindmaps you create.

MindMeister Tutorials

Got 4 minutes to spare? Then we'd recommend you lean back and have a look at the tutorial video below for a quick introduction into MindMeister.
external image help_screencast.gif?1241618883

Why use Mindmeister media tutorial: