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Join Marg McLeod (ICT PD Project Director, ex principal of Wellington Girls' College and Queen's High School) and the national support services facilitation team, Sherry Chrisp, Tessa Gray, Warren Hall, Jill Hammonds and Kathe Tawhiwhirangi-Perry in this online module which will focus on unpacking the following research and good practice.

Guiding questions for this module:

Are you, as a school leader, like a possum stuck in the glare of oncoming headlights? Do you know which way to move as you struggle to implement change in your school?
Have you established clear goals and begun to move forward with staff, but found progress a struggle because of the drag of the reluctants?
Are you well underway with implementing change, but just not sure how much difference things are making for students?
1. How do you know what works in theory and practice?
2. How can you identify your present position?
3. How can you plan for success?
4. How do you bring your staff on board?
5. How do you begin the journey?
6. How do you measure progress?
7. How do you operate in a 21st Century learning environment?

Overall goals and expectations for this module:

  • Participants to download the three readings as directed in the wiki space – one reading per week (see links below)
  • Participants to engage deeply with each of the readings guided by leading questions or headings from the research articles in the wiki space each week
  • Participants to be led to reflect on their own practice in relation to the research.
  • Participants reflect on strategies they would employ for each of the scenarios described with other participants in the module (using Voicethread).
  • Participants invited to post comments or engage in further dialogue with your National Facilitator.
  • Participants to engage with web 2.0 tools they may not yet have utilised as a mean of processing their reflection.

The readings for this module:

Week 1 - Resource: Viviane Robinson: School leadership & learning outcomes http://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/publications/series/2515/1372
Allow two hours
Week 2 - Resource: Helen Timperley: Professional Learning http://www.ibe.unesco.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Publications/Educational_Practices/EdPractices_18.pdf
Allow two hours
Week 3 - Resource:Thomas Guskey: Professional development and evaluation http://www.peecworks.org/PEEC/PEEC_Inst/S00B98BD1-00B9920B
Allow two hours
You should download these readings now in preparation for the exploration ahead.

Before you start, please Introduce yourself on the Voicethread that can be found on the '**Getting to know you**' page. If you need support in using Voicethread, you can find instructions on the '**Using Web 2.0 tools**' page in the Resources section.