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Hello, I'm Merryl McAllister , Deputy Principal at Frankley School in New Plymouth this year undertaking the role of Curriculum Leader. Would like to meet others who have a similar role. Am interested in finding out more about all of this. I am keen to develop my leadership and ICT skills.
  • Hi I'm Malin Hällgren. I work as a Lead Teacher in Linköping, Sweden. I teach math in adult education, mostly to immigrants who lack high school education and high school drop outs. I have a special interest in assessement for learning and special education.

  • Hi Im Bernard Peterson and I am a Director of clusters in the Waikato. I have been interested in leadership for a long time as I was an Adviser in Leadership and Management at School Support Services at Waikato School of Ed.
One important person I met that made a huge change in my leadership style was Thomas Sergiovani who spoke of "power to rather than power over" and the stength of a good delegation model. In the years that I have been involved in schools I have found that good delegation models are sadly lacking in schools where effective leadership is lacking.
  • Hi I'm Robbie McGougan Lead Teacher in ICT at Waihi East Primary School, I'm interested in developing leadership skills particularly in the area of ICT implementation. I'm also looking for ideas that help schools make good decisions regarding the way forward with ICT in classrooms.
  • Hi. I'm Antony Criglington, Project Director (Teaching and Learning), ICT Lead Teacher and AP at Thorrington School in Christchurch. I'm always looking to add skills and ideas to my kete. You can also check out some of my other work on my website (powered by Wetpaint) OR by looking at my wiki
  • Hi I'm Carolyn Stuart and I am the principal of Tawa Intermediate in Wellington. I am always interested in finding out more about leadership and to think of ways I can be an effective leader of a 21st century school.
  • Hi I'm Sherry Chrisp and I have been involved in the ICT PD programme since its inception in 1999 firstly as a facilitator/project Director and lately as part of the national support team. These three readings the first by Vivianne Robinson focus on leadership dimensions which research says can directly impact on student outcomes. The second and third by Helen Timperley and Thomas Guskey respectively, focus on designing and evaluating PL programmes. I am keen to hear from those directly involved in running programmes. How are YOU leading, designing, and evaluating them?
  • Hi, I am Warren Hall and I am a National Facilitator for the ICT PD project. I will have a foot in both camps during this module as while I will have a role to play in responding to comments etc, I am also looking forward to extending my own thinking around leadership.
  • Hi All! I am Shane Fletcher Principal of Southbrook School here in Canterbury and also Co-Project Director of the Rakahuri Cluster which involves 6 local schools. I am always keen to enhance my knowledge and skills regarding teaching and learning. I am looking forward to viewing all posts and am looking forward to extending my leadership capabilities.
  • Kia Ora I''m Samantha( ICT Facilitator and lead teacher for ICT PD). I am interested in developing my leadership skills and deepening my professional knowledge.
  • Hi. I'm Carol Cowie, DP at Clifton Terrace School in Nelson. This is all quite new for me but the content of the readings really interested me and I hope I can further my leadership skills by participating.
*Hi, I'm lucky enough to the be the Sole Charge Principal at Glenham School. My name is Cathi Knowles and I am also a First time principal. Our school is part of the Southern Connections cluster in Southland.
  • Hi I'm Peter Forde Principal at Sacred Heart School in Invercargill. I have just finished as Director of the Thinknet cluster. I am interested in developing further our professional learning in particular teacher practise to enhance childrens learning.
  • Hi I am Hamish Hislop at Coastal Taranaki School in Okato. I am the Classroom Specialist teacher and also teacher in charge of e learning at the school. I am interested in finding ways to encourage and support the staff with their professional development in using IT tools. Also ideas in supporting staff through the process.
  • Hello, I'm Merryl, Deputy Principal at Frankley School in New Plymouth. I an exploring this site and not sure how far I will go. I am interested in the new curriculum and how to make learning exciting for all students using their strengths, talents and interests. I have so much to learn and enjoy hearing what others think and are doing in their area.
  • Hi Its Marg McLeod here, Project Director ICT PD. A warm welcome to all of you who have signed in here. We encourage you to leave your comments on the way through, so others can respond to them asynchronously. There are discussion tabs on many of the pages. Dont be shy about posing the questions or making statements as you work your way through the material. It is great seeing people appear in the wiki space as you find the space and time.
  • Hi my name is Anne Lye and I am the Principal of a wonderful semi rural school close to Palmerston North - Newbury School. I am really keen to continue my development so that I can enhance learning in our school. I will probably share the readings with my leadership team and work through them together - orally.
  • Hi, my name is Jennifer Cochrane. I am the principal at Waikino School, a small rural school close to Waihi. My school is one of six involved in the Waihi Cluster. I value the opportunity to interact with other teachers and principals, and to continue to undertake professional development to enhance learning and my leadership skills.
  • Hi I'm Jocelyn MacKay, facilitator for Selwyn Cluster in "sunny" Christchurch. Today it was 5 degrees, sleet, hail, wind and rain with snow on the Port Hills. How cool is that?? I've read and used Guskey's work so this is a timely reminder. Thanks so much.
  • Hi, I'm Sarah Harvey, from Windsor North School in Invercargill. I am a Scale A teacher who has been involved with the ICT cluster over the past three years. Having just moved to Year 5 from New entrants I am keen to continue upskilling my ICT (as the children are now definitely well ahead of me.
  • Hello I am Mavis Moodie, principal at Onehunga Primary School in Auckland. We are into our second year of the ICTPD and I am amazed at the difference this PD has made for our teachers and children. A group of local principals are also involved with a contract on leading teaching and learning and this is very timely and will dovetail very nicely with my current readings and development. To learn a few ICT skills along the way will also be a bonus.
  • Hi, Barbara Wenn – Facilitator for X-Roads Cluster and previously TASAC Cluster. Working in this role for the past 5 ½ years my challenge has been to empower all learners, adult and/or child, in roles of shared leadership in their fields of interest or expertise. I would like to see more value placed on student voice in the teaching and learning.
  • Hello, I'm Jane Armstrong - I was the facilitator for the Online Bridges cluster until the end of term 1 and taught a Year 3-4 class as well. I am now working at Educating NZ as a project co-ordinator. Part of my role is facilitating a cluster of schools working on the E4E project and we are using web 2.0 tools to record our journey. ICT in education is my passion and I am looking forward to keeping on upskilling
  • As a first time lead teacher in this is a bit daunting! My name is Debbie Currie and I am the lead ICT teacher at Matamata Intermediate. The journey so far has been huge and I am hoping this module will help build my personal knowledge and support system.
  • Hi, I recognise some of your names which is nice! I'm Gina Revill, and I work for Core in the area of Education for Enterprise - lots of overlaps with ICTPD. Looking forward to taking part in this module.
  • Hi, I'm Dianne Purcell, Curriculum Manager for ICT at Rangitoto College. I think we are at an exciting stage with the introduction of digital technologies in our subject area. I encourage students to experiment with a wide variety of applications and techniques and am keen to share with and learn from the experience of others. Unfortunately I have recently come back from an overseas school trip with no voice so wasn't keen to try out VoiceThread! Will do so soon...
  • Hi, I'm Kevin Byrne AP New Plymouth Girls' HS. I have been involved with ICT throughout my teaching career and am currently leading our ICT Committee. I'm interested in ICT use to increase student engagement in their learning. Looking forward to increasing my knowledge of digital citizenship etc so I can lead more effectively in this area.
Other introductions
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Simon Turnbull's Voicethread introduction (Lead Teacher for Waikino School in the WiredWaihi Cluster).

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